The day I was born my father was cutting firewood, and the day my son was born I was cutting firewood.  My dad heated our house in Tahoe with wood.  He was the village wood hound.  We practically collected the wood before the tree hit the ground.  I spent a lot of time helping him collect rounds for the winter.  He taught me how to use a chainsaw and instilled in me a kind of reverence for wood. 

But my love for wood, in fact, our love for wood started much earlier. Humankind’s romance with the forest began when we were living in the trees, and since we came down from that canopy, we have longed to connect with the wood that gave us our existence.  In some ways many of us have lost that connection, but the draw is always there to reconnect with the trees.  There is a reason people like splitting kindling, whittling a stick, or just sitting on a log in the bush.  These acts give us a respite from our over industrialized world.

As a culture we are looking for ways to live simpler more sustainably. People want to know where their food comes from, and where and how their cloths were made. It was this desire and cultural shift that led me to create furniture.


Tom Loeschner, founder of Greywood, spent three years living in West Africa consulting and spearheading projects in sustainable forestry, agriculture, and appropriate technology. Greywood Design cares about the world we live in. We also donate furniture to charity auctions and also hold open shop days that allow the community to use the shop for their own projects.




We are responsible stewards of the wood and metal we work with.



Greywood Design will not be boxed in. We can build anything from a twenty foot conference table for your office to a small shelf for your bedroom.



We are upfront with our clients and  partners; we want you to know what goes into our products, and how we price them.



Craftsmanship cannot be manufactured, We want to grow in quality not quantity.